Thursday, May 10, 2007

Excommunication for Politicians

Sparked by Mexico's recent legalization of abortion, the Pope sided with Mexican Catholic Church leaders that Catholic politicians who back abortion, even if they are just pro-choice, must be excommunicated:

"Yes, this excommunication was not an arbitrary one but is allowed by Canon (church) law which says that the killing of an innocent child is incompatible with receiving communion, which is receiving the body of Christ," he said.

"They (Mexican Church leaders) did nothing new, surprising or arbitrary. They simply announced publicly what is contained in the law of the Church... which expresses our appreciation for life and that human individuality, human personality is present from the first moment (of life)."

Under Church law, someone who knowingly does or backs something which the Church considers a grave sin, such as abortion, inflicts what is known as "automatic excommunication" on themselves." Reuters

Indeed it is in keeping with the laws of the Catholic Church, which are very black and white, and allows no gray areas, especially not for politicians. Since the RCC values human life so much, I'd like to hear the Pope order excommunication for Catholic politicians who condone the invasion and occupation of sovereign nations, who back oppressive laws, who condone Gitmo, who support the death penalty, who make it hard for poor women to get healthcare and raise a healthy child. I'd really like to see the RCC take an active pro-life stance as it pertains to all human life, especially after they are born.

There's not a chance that I would ever join up with the RCC again, but I'd at least like to see that they remain consistently pro-life or just drop it altogether for their hypocrisy knows no bounds.